About Me

                Tim Haines is an Internet personality who has been active in the world of social media for ten years. You probably know him best by his online alter-ego “Blackcatloner.” Before he became involved with the Internet, he was originally planning to be a writer. While a student at Herkimer College, he decided to get back into writing and he had the idea to create this site to showcase his short stories as well as his memoirs about his past.
            Tim Haines is currently single and resides in Herkimer, New York where he is majoring in Communication Arts New Media at Herkimer College. He is expected to graduate in December 2015.

A list of Haines’ other websites:
Movie review blog:  http://onelonecat.wordpress.com
Chester Gillette blog:  http://bloggillette.blogspot.com
Net Neutrality Awareness blog: http://netneutralityawareness.blogspot.com

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